Thank you, everyone!

The Sun, from Robin Wood TarotDear readers,

This is to inform all of you that I am announcing my retirement from blogging.

It is a very difficult decision for me to make.

But since I have decided, I feel it is only proper to take the next logical step to speak up and announce it.

Thank you very much for supporting me on this blogging journey.

I feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity to write, share and meet with all of you on this blog platform.

I am certainly going to miss you all.

Yours Sincerely,

Card from the Robin Wood Tarot, © Robin Wood 1991. Used with Permission. For more information on the Robin Wood Tarot, please visit

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2 Responses

  1. Hi there, sorry to see you go. I’ve enjoyed receiving your email. But I still have to read the rest of your articles etc. You have put so much into your blog. Do you mind if I ask why you are leaving the blog. Have you found it to be worthwhile or too much work? I wish you all the best in your next endeavours. Warmest regards Pauline

  2. Hello Pauline,

    Thanks for the comment. It is definitely a rewarding experience for me to manage a blog. I’m glad that you enjoyed receiving the blog posts in your inbox.


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