Thank you, everyone!

The Sun, from Robin Wood TarotDear readers,

This is to inform all of you that I am going to stop blogging here for a very long while.  I don’t know how long I’ll be away and I think it’s better for me to share the news than to ‘go poofed’ from the tarot blogosphere.

Thank you very much for supporting me on this blogging journey.

I feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity to write, share and meet with all of you on this blog platform.

I am certainly going to miss you all.

Yours Sincerely,

P.S. Although I’m not going to write more new posts on the blog for now, you can still hire me to give you tarot readings via email.

P.P.S. I hope the tarot messages on this blog will continue to support you on your journey of self-transformation and growth.  All the best!

Card from the Robin Wood Tarot, © Robin Wood 1991. Used with Permission. For more information on the Robin Wood Tarot, please visit

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